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Mirko the kiddie pirate and the big city

It was a dark and grueling night. Thunder and lightning rocked the ship amidst huge waves. They had barely survived the last collision with a massive rock near the shores of England. And then… everything went really calm in a second. The waves just withdrew, lightning stopped and the roar of thunder suddenly became distant. It seemed like the last few hours were only a nightmare. Even some rays of light cracked through the heavy clouds.

Everyone was on deck and cheering. They were so overjoyed that the didn’t notice that the ship was moving. Slowly heading towards the coastline. Trained dolphins were tugging them towards a big cave. When the captain noticed that they were too close to shore it was too late. They were pulled into the cave and into darkness.

You could have dropped a pin and it would have made a horrible jangle, nobody even dared to breath. A clap of a hand and the cave brightened up, revealing pirates everywhere.

“Hullo my mateys!” – hollered the one legged Pirate King from a cliff. “What brings you to our waters?”

A roar of laughter went around.

Naturally Mirko, the kiddie pirate – only a pirate in training to be truthful – had to stand up and yell back:

“You brought us here! How dare you haul our ship into this cave? Let us go instantly!”

Another roar of laughter went around. The Pirate King almost rolled over, he was laughing so hard.

“You want to know why I brought you here? It’s the ship! This is one of the best ships on the high sees and I need it.”

“But this is our ship! You can’t just come and take it at your will! Who do you think you are?”

Silence fell like a some black drape and wrapped around everyone.

“You have no idea who you are talking to? You must be joking! I am the legendary Pirate King of All Seas!”

“You can’t be the Pirate King! He is not a ruthless tyrant taking away honest pirate’s ships!” A big pause and a puzzled look on all faces was the only answer Mirko got.

“Well, actually Pirate Kings usually are merciless and do take whatever they want. But you know what? You caught me in a kind and forgiving mood. You can get the ship back if you do something for me.”

He motioned to the Captain and Mirko to follow him in the cave. The two followed through on the plank that the Pirate King’s men put in place in a hurry.

When they got to the inner part of the cave they were amazed. Furs and swords were on the walls, carpetes and nice rugs on the floor and a fire cracking in the fireplace. Since the Pirate King didn’t offer them a seat they just sat on one of the nice, fluffy carpet.

“There is something that’s mine on your ship. Actually it is in your ship. Somewhere. But as this is a beautiful ship I would hate to see it go to waste as I chop it up. I don’t know where the pearl is, so I would have to destroy the whole ship to find it.”

The two pirates, well, one in training, looked at the Pirate King in total amazement. Even the Captain had no idea that there was anything hidden in his ship! He has rescued the ship after a battle mant years ago. That’s how he became a pirate. He had the opportunity to sail off with a ship that was almost sinking, but had great potencial. He saw the beauty  in the almost wreck. Took him almost a year to restore it with his own hands!

He was willing to do anything for it!

“Okay, let’s hear your proposal! Apart from sacrificing my crew, I will do anything and everything!”

“Okay, that’s a nice start” glowed the Pirate King. “There is an old magician in London. Bring him to me and we’ll see if he can help! You will find him in the King’s dungeons.”

“Dungeons? Hey, that’s not fair! How are we supposed to get him from there?” the tiny voice of a concerned little pirate-to-be said it out loud what all of them were thinking.

“Since you have been so talkative, you will be the one who is going to bring Magoo, the magician to me! Your Captain will stay ashore with me until you get back! Now go!”

Mirko was really astonished that he has been given such a big task. He didn’t even know where London was….

He went back on ship, gathered his stuff. The Pirate King gave him a small dinghy, a map and a compass with some directions. He set off into the sunset. He slept in the boat, then in the early morning he started to row and row and row….


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